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  • Paizo's "Pathfinder" gaming books - primarily the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, but also the Bestiary would be awesome
  • Yarn! (With the labels on, please - those labels have tons of important info)
    -specifically, 1 skein each of a bulky yarn like Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky in Christmassy red, green, and white, (for Xmas stockings) and 1 skein each of machine-washable sock yarn like Knit Picks Essential in bright red, dark brown, light brown or white, dark green, and gold (for Dobby socks)
  • Yarn shop gift cards - I don't know if The Knit Nook in Louisville has gift cards or if you can buy them via phone or internet, but that's my shop out here.
  • Plastic sheet protectors with 3-ring holes - great for both knitting patterns and D&D characters!
  • Customizable build-your-own cube shelving
  • Restaurant gift certificates for Highland Coffee, Dakshin, Shalimar, Zen Garden, Azteca's, Bearno's, Impellizzeri's... or pretty much any restaurant in the city
  • Kroger (grocery) gift cards - I like food!
  • Ravelry olive Animal Parade" tote (link: http://www.ravelry.com/stores/ravelry-merch-store/products/families/45 )
  • Ravelry "Keep calm and knit on" poster (link: http://www.ravelry.com/stores/ravelry-merch-store/products/32489 )
  • Digital kitchen scale
  • Sirius or XM radio with car kit and "A La Carte" capabilities
  • Yoga clothes
  • A toaster oven - preferably one that will take up the least counter space
  • New rain boots OR a DSW or Payless gift card (I already have a $5 gift card for DSW, but there's actually a Payless store near me)
  • "Le Fil" - Camille (CD)
  • Any Keep of Kalessin CD besides "Reptilian"
  • Any Psycroptic CD besides "(Ob)servant"
  • Other assorted things on my wists ( www.wists.com/Dorkariffic )

I feel like there must be more, but that's all I can think of for now.
I know I haven't updated in a REALLY long time, and I probably should fill you all in on things like me and Tom getting married, and going on a two-month-long road trip, and moving to Louisville, Kentucky.... but I don't feel like doing that now. I feel like rambling.
It's my favorite day of the year - Halloween! I'm not sure if I'm doing anything for it, though. I did pumpkin-carving on Thursday with a couple of Tom's coworkers and a couple of their friends, which was amazing - we have so many fandoms in common, and very similar senses of humor, and we all got along fantastically. And they've invited us not only to hang out again, but to have Thanksgiving dinner with them, too! :O
Last night, some of Tom's other coworkers had a Halloween party, and I dropped by after I got out of work at 10. It really amazes me still how much friendlier everyone around here seems, and Tom's coworkers are especially so. They made me feel totally welcome, as if they already knew me. (And Tom's told me that several of his coworkers have told him afterwards how much they liked me. <3)
Tom's working today until 4:30, and we might go on a "Victorian Ghost Walk" if he feels up to it after work. We were up past midnight last night for the party, and then Tom woke up at 6 to get ready for work, so he's not sure if he'll want to do anything but sleep tonight.
In which case I might just spend Halloween reading H.P. Lovecraft, which would be pretty cool, too.
Tomorrow, we are going to a concert - Nile and Psycroptic. I'm excited, but a little nervous. I've never been to a death metal show before, and I don't know how intense the pit will be, or how easy it'll be to stay out of it.
In other news, I've been doing a ridiculous amount of knitting lately. My new job is at a call center, and as long as it's work-appropriate and we put it away while we're on a call, we can do whatever we like between calls. So, I've been knitting! I got some really beautiful alpaca yarn in jewel-tone shades of purple, blue, and green, and I've made myself a winter headband, and I just finished a pair of mittens.
The temperature dropped significantly on Tuesday, and the mornings have been in the 30's and low 40's, so I was glad to have, and wear, my mittens this morning.
If anyone wants a hand-knitted gift this Christmas, let me know. I'm not promising anything (especially if someone wants a sweater) but I've had a lot of time to knit lately and I'm running out of projects.
And speaking of gifts, I've got a birthday coming up! What I want most is a bed, but I don't really expect anyone to buy me one, haha. I'll post a wishlist, probably later today, but for now, I have laundry to do. :P
Five years ago tonight, I was at a show. My former bandmates had formed a band with two other friends, and I was taking pictures of their first (and last) public performance. And if you told me then that in five years, I'd be on the cusp of marrying the new guitarist, who I met for the first time that night? Well, I'll tell you, I'd be a little shocked.

Often, I find myself simultaneously amazed that it's already been five years, and that it's really only been five years. I feel like we've known each other all our lives, and at the same time, I can't believe how fast our relationship has moved. At this time five years ago, I don't even think we'd spoken our first words to each other yet.

New Year's Eve never had much significance to me; it's just a new day on the calendar, just one more mile on the big ol' odometer of life. But it means more to me now. It's the first of the many dates in The History of Tom and Fal, and, well, I like it a lot more because of that.

I've heard that, when the clock hits midnight and the year officially changes, you should be doing what you want to be doing in the year to come. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go snuggle my Tom 'til sunup.
Man, so much has been happening, and I never post about it. I've been thinking about posting a lot, but I feel like there's not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do.

I'm officially 22 now, which I'm happy about. I'm happy about it because 22 is a cool number, especially as an age. It's two 2's. Never again in my life will the digits in my age be the same number as the amount of digits in my age. (There would need to be some serious advances in the health field for me to live to see 333.)

My birthday festivities were awesome - and there was a lot of them, haha! I watched Kolchak: the Night Stalker with Joe and Tom, drank Tom Collinses and played Little Big Planet with Matt and Tom, took a spontaneous trip to New Hampshire with Tom, had a mini-party with Duane, Julie, Nick, Alex, Brian, and (you guessed it!) Tom, and another mini-party with Mom and Dad and Joe... and cake. This, of course, was not all in one day. I love how my birthday festivities last, like, a week.

Thanksgiving was excellent as well. I made homemade cranberry sauce and stuffing, both of which I cooked around 1 AM on Thanksgiving Day, because I didn't have ANY OTHER TIME TO DO IT. BUH. But they came out great; I got rave reviews on both dishes. I brought those to Mom and Dad's house (where Tom and I went first), and wished that I had made more of them, because I would have liked to share some with people at Tom's house (where we went next). But there was so much good food at both houses, it was crazy.

I was still full when I woke up at 3 AM to go to work on Black Friday. Yeah, that's right. 3 AM. To go to work. I worked 4:30 AM to 4:30 PM. And it wasn't actually that bad. I was on phone duty all day, which I enjoy (which confuses my coworkers). And after work, I spent time with Tom, Julie, Duane, Alex, and Nick, and we all (with the exception of Alex) worked on making our characters for Tom's D&D world. I am SO EXCITED.

But, now I have to get back to work. I'll try to write again soon.
My birthday is coming - a little more than two weeks away! Normally I have a wishlist posted by this time, and since my 'wishes' are different this year than most, I figured I probably should post a list, or at least mention the biggest difference:
I don't really want stuff.
I mean, I love getting presents, and there's a lot of cool stuff out there, but, I've already got so much stuff, and not enough places to put all of it, and after the wedding, Tom and I might be moving and if not, he's moving in here - so either way, less stuff would be easier.

How can we get you gifts, you say, if you don't want stuff?
Well, I'll tell you. :)
You could get me gift cards for gas or groceries! I could really use them! Seems to impersonal? Give me directions to one of your favorite spots with the gas card, or one of your favorite recipes with the groceries card!
You could give me a gift card to Sheep Skate, so I can feed my yarn addiction without feeling guilty. Ooooooh, yaaaaarn....
You could give me an iTunes gift card - complete with a playlist!
You could give me tickets to something fun - or take me to something fun! I love fun.
You could write me a card telling me about how much you like me.

And if you really really want to get me something you can wrap in pretty paper and slap a bow on, there are some things I'd like...
Sometimes, good advice is when someone else tells you something you already know, but you've talked yourself out of believing it.
I may have posted this before; I don't remember. But I'm listening to James Taylor's "Something In The Way She Moves", and part of the lyrics remind me so much of Tom, and how much he helps me, that I always get a little choked up when I hear it.

Every now and then, the things I lean on lose their meaning
And I find myself careening
In places where I should not let me go

She has the power to go
Where noone else can find me
yes and silently remind me
Of the happiness, and good times that I know

In wedding news, I've bought my wedding dress! It's a black and white, strapless, floor-length dress, and it fits like it was made for me. I'm really excited about it. XD

In non-wedding news, I've been crafting away, trying to finish up a swap I missed the send date for (Ack!), and wondering when the USPS will decide to actually deliver the package my partner sent to me. I've also been doing a little bit at a time, attempting to organize my stuff and get my spaces clean and neat.

And I've been rereading Half Blood Prince so my memories of it will be fresh when Tom and I go to see the movie.
So, I've been super one-track-minded with wedding stuff lately, and I've been spending a lot of time on theknot.com (including setting up a tiny wedding website at http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/FallonCrowley&TomMcPeck ). Now, there are a handful of things that I really like about theknot. But the more time I spend on it, the less I like it. And, I'm glad I read some of the threads on the advice boards before posting my own thread looking for advice... just like I'd be glad that I checked the pond for piranhas before going for a swim! It seems like 90% of the women on those boards are ultra-catty, and less interested in helping someone navigate a tender etiquette situation than in demeaning and belittling and mocking a woman that they won't ever see face to face.
I mean, one woman posted about how she chose her wedding date, her late father's birthday, to honor his memory, and already has had napkins, and cake servers, and favors and such printed with the intended date. Now, a few months before the wedding, her mother has suddenly realized that this means it will be on a Friday, which means all of her work buddies (whom the bride didn't really want there in the first place, but invited as a kindness to her mother) won't be able to make it. And her mother is demanding that she change the reception time until after work hours, despite the plans already in place, the long drive to the honeymoon destination, and the fact that the groom has NARCOLEPSY.
And the first person to respond complained about how the post was too long, how could she be expected to read that much? It was like, three or four paragraphs, all of it relevant background information.
And then, almost everyone told her that it was stupid of her to plan to have her wedding on a Friday, her mother was absolutely right to have screamed at her over the phone about it, etc.
And that wasn't the stupidest or cattiest thing I saw on those forums.
I had intended to ask for advice on keeping my guest list small, and how to not invite people without offending them, but I don't want THEIR advice.
Some of you already know this. If you read my Facebook, you know. If I've seen you in person since Saturday, you probably know (because I can't shut up about it.) If you don't know (or found out through FB) don't feel bad - it's just 'cause I'm really bad at spreading big news in a normal, or sensible, way.

Are you ready? Are you sitting down for this?

I'm getting married.

My smile is about eighteen miles wide. I proposed to Tom on Saturday, we made it official. We're planning on having the wedding March 13, 2010.

I'm starting to get scared, haha. Mom and I went looking at dresses today, and boy are they expensive. And I wasn't even looking at the dresses that are intended to be bridal gowns, which I know are more expensive still. It seems like everything for a wedding is expensive, and trying to do a budget just got me more worried. I mean, we only work part-time, so we're not making a lot of money. We're planning to do a lot of things in cost-cutting ways, though - I plan to wear a dress that was intended for a bridesmaid or prom (I may even wear my own old homecoming dress), Tom plans to wear dress clothes he already owns, my ring is silver instead of gold, I intend to make my own reception centerpieces, I want to ask a friend (or several) to do our wedding photography for us... And we plan for the guest list to be tiny. Really tiny. We're estimating around twenty people, including ourselves. Because, not only will it alleviate costs, but, Tom is very shy and a very private person, and the bigger the guest list is, the less comfortable he's going to feel.

But, of course, I'm worried about offending/upsetting people by leaving them off the guest list. Who knew there was so much to fret about with such a happy occasion?

I'm rambling, because I've let myself stay up past midnight as a result of forgetting that mocha drinks have a lot of caffeine in them. (*twitch*)

I feel like I'm focusing on the negative in this post, but really, I'm so happy, and so excited. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found the man of my dreams so young, and to have someone whom I know I can grow old with blissfully.
9Still under construction)

Okay, in no particular order:

Favorite songs:
-Practice What You Preach
-Electric Crown
-Hail Mary
-Into The Pit

I saw Testament not too long ago - my first, and so far only, "real" metal show. It ROCKED! I saw them at the Palladium in Worchester, MA, which is a great venue for metal shows. I was too scared to mosh with the metal guys ('cause I'm 5'3" and 98 lbs!) but I headbanged so much that my neck felt longer afterwards, haha! Chuck Billy, their singer, is amazing, not only for his singing, but for the fact that he's a cancer survivor. Alex Skolnik, their guitarist, is surprisingly hot for a man his age. I really dig the one streak of his hair that's gone white, haha! I'm disappointed by their newest album, The Formation of Damnation. It's not as good musically, and the lyrics.. ugh.
The Ritual is the only album of theirs that I have, but I know a lot of the music from The New Order, Practice What You Preach, and Souls of Black. Souls of Black has my favorite album art.

Favorite Songs:
-We Will Rise
-A lot of others that I don't know the names of.

Angela Gossow, the singer of Archenemy, is my heroine. She's a hot chick who sings as badass as any of the guy singers I listen to. And with more clarity, haha. I want to learn to sing like her. I want to be her.

Favorite songs: (this is where it gets tricky)
-Run To The Hills
-Wasted Years
-Aces High
-Cross-Eyed Mary (Jethro Tull cover)
-just about everything... but mostly the Bruce Dickenson stuff.

Run To The Hills was the first metal song I ever heard. It was a good way to get me hooked. Bruce Dickenson is another hero of mine.





Favorite song:
-Cradle to Enslave

That song (and video) has special significance for me. I love the way Dani Filth sings, with his, like, 15 different frightening voices.

Favorite songs:
-Ace of Spades, of course

Lemmy is the man. I read his autobiography, White Line Fever, and it's hilarious. He's such a character. I joked with my friend Missy (also a metalhead) that if I got a Lemmy plush doll in this swap, I'd have to make him a little plush baggie of speed.

My friend Duane says, often, "Too much metal for one hand!" accompanied by a hand sign, seen here: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/112/275693694_8168c2664e.jpg (That's not Duane, though.) It amuses me. A lot.
I love the normal one-handed version, too.

My friend Nick is in a thrash metal band called Crambone, who rock. They joke a lot about people at shows giving them the "More metal" fingers, which I can't find a picture/video of. It's when you stand in front of a guitarist or bassist (usually when s/he's soloing) and put out your hands, palms up, wiggling all your fingers in kind of a "gimme more" motion, except your fingers aren't moving in sync. If that makes sense, haha. (I'm sitting here in front of my computer doing the more metal fingers, trying to figure out how to describe.

I really love Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction", but I'm not crazy about Megadeth.

Melissa Cross, author of The Zen of Screaming, teaches people how to sing/scream metal without hurting their throats. She's totally badass, and pretty damn funny.